Thursday, 1 November 2018

YA Week 5: Last Minute Roadtrip to Malaga

So not many things happened last week if I'm honest, just going to work and watching Netflix when I return back home pretty standard haha. However at the weekend I did end up making plans and actually found myself going on a last minute roadtrip to Malaga, which I feel like if you know me you would never expect those words (i.e. last minute anything) to come out of my mouth haha.

I have always said that during my Year Abroad I want to go and travel throughout Spain whilst I can and one of the places I wanted to go was to Malaga during Week 6. Originally I was going with another friend however she decided to go to Paris instead (which is totally chill I mean she had the opportunity so, why not?). However that then left me without any travel plans but as fate would have it my friend Gemma from university in England messaged me about going the weekend coming up and asked if I was going and wanted to meet. 
I explained my situation and she very kindly asked her teacher, Carmen (who was taking her there and her family live close by) if I could join them and Carmen said yes!
So on Friday they came and picked me up in the late afternoon of Friday and we travelled the 2 and a half hour journey to Malaga.
We were slightly dreading going due to the fact that in Sevilla the weather was horrific on Friday, full-blown torrential rain. But when we arrived in Malaga it was pretty clear so me and Gemma got taken up to the castle for some pictures and then went to our hostel, dropped our things off and went on the hunt for some food (we ended up having pizza because.. yum).

The next day we were up bright and early (no thanks to one girl in the hostel leaving at 4 in the morning and waking us both up in the process haha) and set off to go to all the tourist things that Malaga had to offer.

During our walk around the city and between doing all the tourists things I got myself an ice-cream and I actually got a unique flavour called 'Loca' which I was told is specific to Malaga. As it is some sort of sweet pastry and they turned it into an ice cream form, it was super delicious (I also got the flavours kinder bueno and chocolate stevia).
We saw the cathedral but didn't bother going in however we went to the Malaga history museum, and luckily because we're still in the EU we got free entry.
After that we headed to the Picasso museum and ended up getting free entry... again. We were super lucky as it was actually the 15th anniversary of the museum that day hence the free entry. The Picasso museum was amazing and I definitely think it's a must-see if you're ever in Malaga, especially as it is the birthplace of Picasso himself and the museum's architecture is beautiful within itself.

After that we walked round and just enjoyed the city and then later on we went to the Alcazaba of Malaga which we got student entry price for. We took some amazing pictures up there definitely instagram-worthy haha.
That evening we met some girls at the hostel and decided to go out for some food (which took a while due to the unfortunate event of one girl losing her purse whilst out and not realising, but luckily some nice ladies found it and messaged her to come get it). Again we ended up eating Italian, which is never a problem in my books, but I went for pasta this time to shake things up haha.

On Sunday we had to leave the hostel by 11 so we grabbed our things and headed for the port and playa (beach) to enjoy our last day in Malaga. Unfortunately the weather wasn't as amazing and hot/sunny as the day before due to the cold wind but it was still a fun time.
We ended up at a famous place called Tejeringos where we had churros for breakfast, and oh my god they were the best thing I've had in my life! Later that day for an early tea/late lunch we went to '100 Montaditos' which is a sort of Spanish fast food place where you get montaditos (mini sandwich-type things) and it's super cheap and has a huge menu.
I also bought myself a necklace with a plane on it as it reminded me of my travels and the fact that I am currently on my Year Abroad.
Overall, I had the best time in Malaga and got to do so much and feel so lucky that everything worked out in the end. If you ever get the opportunity I definitely recommend going to Malaga because there is so much to do and see and it is just so beautiful.

Friday, 26 October 2018

YA Week 3/4: That Work Life and Pilas Tapas Festival

So as per usual, I'm just posting these posts on random days at this point. I should probably try figure out some sort of schedule. And I know this one is super late (like 2-3 weeks) but let's just ignore that.

I've now officially completed my first timetable at work, since I am one a 2 week rotation. I have to say some of my classes are really enjoyable and they're really fun lessons, whilst others hmmmm are not as fun.

I feel like I've learnt more in the 2 weeks at the school than I learnt in high school. Such as the fact that the fall of the Roman Empire was in 497 AD and that there are 2 different types of cells; prokaryotic and eukaryotic. How these kids are meant to learn all this in English is beyond me, I couldn't imagine learning these type things in a foreign language.

I do feel like the classes are starting to actually listen to me and realise that I'm there to help them, so they're interacting with me a lot more which is really fun. The teachers are also sending me emails with the work in advance and asking if I can help with anything such as Q&A's or extra bits of work which is really good as I don't feel clueless when I show up to the lessons.
It's beginning to feel like I'm actually helpful in the classes, which is always good.

2 of my teachers at the school, although I think it might be a few more too, actually live really close to me only a 12 minute walk away and I've been getting quite a few lifts to and from the school which is really nice. It's especially great on a morning because I can wake up later and don't find myself in as much of a rush.

Me and a few other auxiliaries from a WhatsApp group all met up for pizza on Friday afternoon of Week 3 which was nice as I do find myself feeling like I'm not socialising with different people enough. Then on Friday night I went out with my friend Erin to a popular discoteca here in Sevilla called Utopia. Now don't get me wrong it was a good night however entry was 10 euros (10 EUROS?!) and drinks inside were 8 euros for just a vodka coke, which is so ridiculous, so you best believe I won't be out often as that is so expensive for a night out. Like I said though it was a good night though. Although I would rather save 'night out' money and go out for food or go see a show or visit something whilst I am here in Spain.

Regarding the housing situation I'm still not as happy as some of my friends seem to be. This is because I'm paying slightly more than the others and although my house is great and the area is definitely a lot safer the location isn't super convenient to go to the centre (it's around a 30 minute walk). Therefore I'm currently looking for a bike, preferably a plegable (foldable) bike or one with cestas (= baskets), one with both would be perfect, and it would make travel so much easier.

Unfortunately I'm still finding myself not speaking that much Spanish so I really need to try improve on that and make more effort.
Not much else has happened this week because I've been fairly busy with work. Although I did manage to smash my new Sevilla Hard Rock Cafe glass which has really annoyed me.
I also managed to somehow break my Sevilla keyring that my mum bought me to celebrate finding a house when we got here but luckily the ladies at the store we got it from replaced it for free.

Over the weekend I went to visit my friend Steph in Pilas (a small pueblo about an hour bus ride from Sevilla) for their tapas festival. Although the 'festival' wasn't exactly what I expected (it was more like a route of cafes to follow and visit which were offering speciality dishes) I ended up having a really good time and it just felt nice to be socialising and enjoying my time here in Sevilla.

She also stayed at mine on Monday night as she needed to go to the centre to sort out some more paperwork and that night we actually went out and got some ice cream from this really cool place I've been wanting to visit called 'Taiyaki and Cream'.
They change their 4 flavours weekly and the ice cream is served on to a waffle 'cone' (deffo different to a standard waffle cone like it's literally just a waffle pretty much) in the shape of a fish.

I'm planning on hopefully travelling to Malaga soon so hopefully that all works out. And honestly I am loving it here, I just wish I was speaking Spanish more or felt like I was really learning and improving although it's only been 4 weeks on my own so hopefully I still have enough time haha.

Sunday, 7 October 2018

YA Week 2: Socialising and Organising

Alright, so I've finished week 2 the official first week on my own in Sevilla. Aaaaand I'm still using maps on my phone quite a lot to get around I just don't trust my own sense of direction but hopefully eventually I'll start becoming used to my common routes, there are some I already know just not all of them there are 2 many windy streets here.

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

YA Week 1: Arriving in Sevilla and Piso Hunting

So I have somehow officially made it through my first week in Seville. However I must admit that I've had it pretty easy this week as I've had my mum by my side the entire time, although arguably there have been some negatives to having her here as well (such as constantly having to try be her translator, walking here there and everywhere etc etc), but it has been nice as she's felt like some sort of a 'security' so I suppose the real stuff begins now, now that she's left and I'm officially on my own.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

YA: Preparing To Move Abroad

I'm pretty sure everyone close to me is sick of hearing about this whole year abroad at this point but guess what guys?! The time has pretty much come and in just a week I will be beginning my new vida in sunny Seville.

At this point everything is pretty much ready; my phone is unlocked (ready for a Spanish sim), expensive travel insurance check, flights and fancy AirBnB for 6 days check, mental state 50%.
How do you even mentally prepare yourself for something like this anyway?!
Right now I'm about 50% excited and 50% dreading/regretting everything, but it's too late to go back now haha. Seriously though, I can't wait and I'm hoping to massively improve my Spanish and have some amazing experiences during my time there.

Friday, 7 September 2018

SPAN101: Days, Months, Seasons

I thought I'd finally returned with another SPAN101 post finally and I decided to combine a few mini topics which are related: Days, Months and Seasons.
This post should be super straightforward as it is pretty much just words and vocabulary to memorise, not exactly grammatical rules, so I hope you enjoy it and find it easy to learn from.

Friday, 24 August 2018

Giant Disneyland Paris Haul 2018

This post is long overdue considering that I went to Disneyland Paris back in mid-June however I still really wanted to get this post up as I loved my time there and saved up for a long time to be able to buy myself lots of treats when I did eventually go.
I really hope you guys enjoy this post (P.S. I hope you don't think I'm bragging as I just want to share what I got as I'm obviously a big Disney fan and saved up over a long time to be able to buy lots of things whilst there).

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Eating at.... Afternoon Tea: Creams British Luxury [Leeds]

On one of my most recent visits back to Leeds me and my mum decided to be the classy ladies we are and go out for afternoon tea. During my last trip to Leeds I had come across this place which is called 'Creams British Luxury' and it looked really lovely so we decided to go there.
They have a few different options for afternoon tea which are all interesting and I don't think I've seen this many different types before at one place. You can view the menu here.
Also their are other locations that they have throughout the UK which you can check out on their website, they also sell some of their treats online too.