Saturday, 17 June 2017

Eating at... Casa Rastelli [Lancaster]

So in order to celebrate getting through my English exam on Wednesday and only having 1 more exam left in first year, me and some friends from university took a trip into town to try these crazy 'freakshakes' at Casa Rastelli which I have been seeing on some of friends Instagram and were making me jealous.
Although after I posted a picture on Instagram I had so many of my friends messaging me asking where I got this from and how insane it looks, haha.

Each 'freakshake' is £5.95 and they currently have 4 different flavours available:
  1. Mint Mayhem
    (Mint choc milkshake, vanilla frosting and crushed flake. Topped with whipped cream, after eight, chocolate drops, mint matchsticks, chocolate crispy balls and chocolate sauce)
  2. Strawberry Candy Crush
    (Strawberry milkshake, vanilla frosting and sprinkles. Topped with whipped cream, flying saucers, white choc stars, sour strawberry laces, more sprinkles and strawberry sauce)
  3. Toffee Fudge
    (Toffee fudge milkshake with whipped cream, fudge bites, toffee sauce, fudge pieces, chocolate flake and crunchie pieces)
  4. Brownie Explosion
    (Double choc fudge milkshake with brownies, whipped cream, milk chocolate balls, chocolate drops, flake and chocolate sauce)
I was stuck choosing between Toffee Fudge and Brownie Explosion but chose to go with Brownie Explosion (which involved some peer pressure from my friends haha).

The milkshake itself I didn't find particularly special especially as it wasn't very creamy and was more of a liquid which isn't my preference when it comes to milkshakes therefore idk if I'd even count the drink as a milkshake. However the extra bits on the milkshake made it a lot better and are probably the main feature of the 'freakshakes' anyway.

Overall I would like to go back just to try the Toffee Fudge freakshake or have one of their sundaes as the milkshake part wasn't that impressive but I enjoyed the rest of it. Also I think the price point is a little expensive for a 'standard' milkshake which is only made possibly justifiable by the added extras on top. I have had better milkshakes before but I recommend people go just to try it once and it definitely makes for great Instagram photos! 

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