Sunday, 16 July 2017

First Year Uni Experience

So today I got my first year results and in all 3 of the subjects I did in first year (English Language, Media & Cultural Studies and Beginner Spanish) I managed to get a 2:1. I am so happy and relieved and I thought I'd just write this blog post reflecting on my first year at university.

It's important to socialise
This could be with people from your accommodation or from societies or random people in lectures and seminars. These people may become amazing friends and will basically get you through first year. (At least this is what happened to me). Trust me when I say I didn't think I was going to make it past the first week never mind the first year but once you start making friends you feel a lot better.

Everybody usually feels the same
This can be involve being homesick, feeling lonely or just feeling as if they're not doing that well at uni when receiving results or just feeling as if you're behind. These emotions are all normal and most people go through them at some point. However these feelings tend to not last too long and if they do they're is usually someone at uni available to talk to. Talk to other people at uni or there will be people at the university available to talk to, for example at my uni we could talk to the porters, chaplaincy people or the college team, even the cleaners were up for a chat and a cup of tea if needed.

Taking care of myself
Wash up by myself, live on my own, learn about a whole new city, not know anyone, learn to cook, do my own washing and drying and cleaning up after myself in general. On top of that being at uni and having to do coursework etc.

Not everything is gonna go my way
You will feel as if your drifting away from friends back home and you just have to persist in trying to uphold them friendships if they're valuable to you or just appreciating that you're following different paths in life and that you're going to grow apart. Also not every piece of coursework or test that you do is going to go great and there has been times when I've questioned whether I should have even gone to university as I felt like I wasn't good enough or that I wasn't doing myself justice.

Overall though my first year has been amazing and I've grown up so much as an individual and learnt so many new things. These new things can be such drastic things like taking care of myself or living on my own or moving away, etc however they can also be the actual degree course or learning how to handle my drink (although I still don't think I've mastered that yet). I have experienced so much and its been full of drama but I have also made lifelong friends and gone through many different adventures along the way and I wouldn't change this past year for the world.

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