Sunday, 23 July 2017

✧Review✧ Maybelline Master Camo Colour Correcting Concealer

So I recently bought this Maybelline concealer palette for when I went on my holidays a couple of weeks ago as I wanted some cream concealers which I could use to highlight under my eyes as well as covering blemishes. After my holiday I thought it might be worth me doing a review of this palette for you guys showing how it worked out for me and whether I think it is worth the purchase or not.
The packaging of this palette isn't very special but it seems durable and you get six colours, the 2 left are correctors, 2 middle are concealers and 2 right are highlights.
As for the actual makeup the top row I like all of them and the bottom row, I haven't tried the green colour as I personally don't have a lot of redness so I have no need to use it. The middle bottom shade is good however the bottom right highlight colour is way too dark for me even though I got this palette in the lightest colour.

Left: With Flash                Right: Without Flash
Although a con for me involving this palette would be the actual colours of the concealers. As I previously mentioned I cannot use the highlight colour as it is too dark for me and a couple of the other concealers are also too dark for me, as you can tell by photo. This bothers me as this palette is in the shade light and is the lightest concealer palette they offer yet some of these shades I feel would suit somebody with more of a medium skin tone.

The concealers in this palette definitely aren't high or full coverage, as you can see in the picture, however it covers enough so I'd say it was medium coverage. It manages to cover up any blemishes and dark circles I have.
They're really creamy however sometimes it seems almost too creamy as they can easily crease under the eye, so I just recommend using powder under the eyes immediately to make sure it is properly set or ensuring sure it is properly applied to the skin and blended.

This concealer palette retails for £11.99 at Boots and Superdrug.
Overall, I would probably not repurchase this as I prefer my NYX one which is cheaper and there are way better concealers out there however I'm not mad at it and it worked just fine for the purpose of me taking it on holiday.

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