Saturday, 26 August 2017

Eating at.... Billy Bob's Parlour [Skipton]

Okay guys so I don't think you understand how excited I am about this post right now, Billy Bob's is hands down my favourite place to eat... ever!! I love the food, music, interior and just the general atmosphere. I always go there with my dad since we both love to eat huge amounts of food! Continue reading for more of my experience at Billy Bob's.

To drink I went for one of their homemade fountain sodas of which they have loads of different flavours all for £2.75. 
I went for strawberry and kiwi and it was okay but it wasn't amazing however they have loads of other flavours which I also want to try.

For my main course I went for the hotdog which was £5.50 and huge, like no joke it was massive. I'm not a huge fan of hotdogs and I much prefer burgers but this hot dog was definitely the best I've ever had and was delicious, you also got a mini corn on the cob included.
Also I got a side order of their home fries which was £2.75 and honestly it felt as if the fries were never ending however it was amazing and you can tell they were freshly made and didn't have loads of salt on them which I appreciate.

As for my favourite part, dessert of course, they have soooo many different options but I decided to get the 'American Dream' (waffle version as you have the option of pancakes or waffles) this was £7.25. 
In 'American Dream' you get double chocolate and chocolate fudge brownie ice creams. Oreo cookies, chocolate shavings, vermicelli sprinkles and chocolate sauce.

Overall I am 100% going back to Billy Bob's at the next possible opportunity as I love it! I am very interested in trying there mac n cheese next time I go. You can look at the menu yourself here.

The interior, as you can see, is amazing (sorry I didn't get more pictures, it was jam packed) and very 1950's American-style and they play all that era-type music as well. Recently they have started selling tubs of ice-cream which they make on site and I can tell you first-hand it is amazing! Also they have opened a separate section (which was where I ate) solely for adults so that you don't have to hear all the kids haha. They also have a playground and a massive area full of hay which children are able to play on as the location is almost like a farm.

Anyway I hope you guys enjoyed this review and as you can tell I loved eating here.

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