Sunday, 13 August 2017

Eating at... Carluccio's [Leeds]

So yesterday I went into Leeds just to do a little bit of shopping with my Auntie since I don't get to see her that often and when we were there we ate out at Carluccio's in the Trinity Centre so I thought another food post for you guys.

Due to being at an Italian restaurant I attempted to stick to the theme (as usually I would have apple juice or diet coke) so to drink I had a can of San Pelligrino in the pomegranate and orange flavour. I have never seen this flavour before, it was actually really nice but less sweet than their other flavours. The drink was £2.60.

For a main course I went with the 'Chicken Milanese' which is a flattened chicken breast in breadcrumbs and came with a side of salad (which I didn't really rate, but I'm not a big salad person anyway). The main course was £12.50 and was really nice and the piece of chicken was a good portion size.

For dessert I was stuck between a few of them as they had a good selection of desserts, however I ended up going for the chocolate rum fudge cake which costs £5.50 and is new on there menu. I actually really enjoyed this as it was a delicious cake and sauce served warm and the rum wasn't strong enough to actually taste but you could tell it wasn't just a normal chocolate fudge cake too. 

Overall I would definitely want to go back to Carluccio's, especially to try some of their pasta dishes as they looked really good on the menu too. However I am just a big fan of Italian food so I might be a little bit biased.

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