Friday, 4 August 2017

Eating at... Gino D'Acampo My Restaurant [Leeds]

I went to Gino's restaurant in Leeds with my mum for an early birthday meal and I was really excited as it is relatively new and I've heard really positive things about it from loads of different people who I have spoke to. Also it is rated a 4 out of 5 on trip advisor.

The interior of the restaurant is lovely and the walls are covered with pictures of Gino with various celebrities (e.g. Simon Cowell, Keith Lemon, etc). Downstairs there is more seating and a prosecco bar, although that wasn't open when I went. At the prosecco bar you can apparently get a token which you can use in the photobooth which is also available downstairs.

As it was a late birthday meal out my mum treated me to a cocktail so I ended up choosing the The Pineapple Express (£8.25), which contained Finlandia vodka with Aperol Aperitivo, lime, passion fruit & pineapple juice. I really enjoyed this drink and it definitely reminded me of something I might find when I go on holiday.

For a starter my mum ordered the tomato and basil garlic bread (£4.25), the starter was lovely and was fairly big so we ended up sharing it. Also it was quite light as well so it didn't sit too heavy before the main course.

As for the main course I got the crispy chicken breast (£15.50), which was 'stuffed' with mozzarella and basil pesto, along with a side of sea salted fries (£3.75). The fries were lovely, they actually came in a side dish I just poured them onto the same plate as the chicken, you could definitely tell they were freshly made and they were my favourite type of fries, not too thin and salty but also not too chunky. However the chicken, although it was still amazing, I wish it had more mozzarella and basil pesto stuffed inside as it seemed to just be in the middle of the chicken, it was still nice though and different to previous chicken dishes I have had. You can also see in the picture that it was a large piece of chicken.

For dessert I decided to try something different and go for the panna cotta (£6) which was flavoured with amaretto liquor, vanilla seeds and passion fruit sauce. I was very hesitant to try this dessert as I'm much more likely to go for chocolate desserts over fruity desserts however it was delicious and really refreshing as well as being sweet enough for me.

Italian food in general is my favourite so there was really no way I could have been disappointed by this meal however in my opinion the food was outstanding and the servers and service were great as well, everyone was welcoming and friendly. I am definitely going to be eating there again as I am interested in many of there other dishes which are available on the menu.

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