Sunday, 20 August 2017

Eating at... Joe's Kitchen [York]

So as you can tell by one of my previous blog posts I went to York for a day out within the past couple of weeks and whilst there I obviously had to go out and try somewhere new to eat! 
Me and my mum ended up deciding on a restaurant within the main area called Joe's Kitchen.

For the main course I went for the gourmet burger (so did my mum) which is beef, cheese, bacon and bbq sauce and £12.45. Also I asked for my plain which was without lettuce, onions and tomatoes so it looks very plain. The burger itself actually was really nice and so were the chips however I do think it is a little bit overpriced and I've had better burgers for significantly cheaper.

There dessert menu had so many things I wanted to try and I tried to convince my mum to get a dessert just so that I could try another one. I ended up going for the lemon meringue sundae which was £5.45. The lemon meringue sundae which had meringue chunks, creme fraiche, honeycomb, vanilla ice cream and lemon curd which was topped with whipped cream, lemon zest and mint.

I would love to go back to Joe's Kitchen again in the future however I would definitely not go for one of their burgers again but I loved the dessert and the atmosphere so I definitely want to try their other mains to see if I prefer them.

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