Wednesday, 23 August 2017

✧Review✧ Etude House Tear Eye Liner [#01]

So this post is a review of the Korean brand Etude House and their tear eye liner in #01. Basically this eyeliner is a pearlescent white glitter liquid liner which you put in the inner corner of the eye. These type products are popular in Korea as they use it to make their eyes appear bigger.
I went through a bit of an obsession just under a year ago in which I bought lots of Korean makeup to try as I have heard really good things about it and they're not that expensive either.

I actually really like this as it makes my eyes look brighter and I always get compliments whenever I use this. Personally I think it makes me look more awake as well, which is good because I never sleep. On the other hand this liner doesn't always apply evenly and one eye can appear overly glittery compared to the other and it does wear off after a couple of hours. Also if you apply too much it can dry down a bit clumpy and then it starts to crumble a little bit.

I bought this on eBay however I made sure I was getting it from a trusted seller and it came in all of its packaging so I knew it hadn't been previously used and wasn't fake. Prices range on eBay from about £5.50-£13 and usually postage is free but it can take about 3/4 weeks to arrive.

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