Friday, 11 August 2017

York Haul: Zara & Michael Kors

So the other weekend I went to York with my mum on a day out and managed to find some stuff when walking round and thought I'd do another mini haul. There were so many sales going on when I went to York, like basically every shop was doing a sale however the only places I actually found and bought some things from was Zara and Michael Kors.

I have not been into a Zara for years but decided to just have a look when I went to York and boy have I been missing out! They had a sale on and there was so many cute clothes and everything was affordable too.

So first I managed to find this amazing red bodysuit, I love this so much and realised that I actually do not own one other piece of red clothing. (The closest it gets for me is a maroon or burgundy). This bodysuit is super comfortable and the material feels so nice and great quality. Originally it was £15.99 but I got it for £7.99.

Next I found this baby pink cropped jumper, they also had this same jumper in other colours I just went for the baby pink which was £25.99 and I got it for £5.99. I always love a cropped jumper as it looks more dressy than a normal jumper but can still keep you fairly warm in colder weather. I also really how this jumper looks on and that it isn't just a plain average jumper.

The final thing I got from Zara was this yellow sleeveless shirt which was down from at least £15.99 to £5.99. I have really been into this bright yellow colour recently and when I saw this I immediately knew I had to have it. The material of this shirt is really soft and not too thin and I feel like its appropriate both casually or for a nice day/meal out due to the lace up part. This is definitely going to be a new favourite piece of clothing.

Michael Kors
So on the way back from York me and my mum stopped at McArthurGlen which is a designer outlet in York. I used to go a lot as a child but I haven't been there in over 8 years so I was interested in seeing what new shops they had.

The first bag I got from Michael Kors is this classic brown handbag which is fairly big, especially as I usually go for smaller shoulder bags. However I just thought that this bag was really classic and would go with pretty much any outfit and I will definitely be getting a lot of use out of it. This bag was on sale for £99.

Also I saw this rose gold handbag which I wasn't initially going to get however I couldn't leave it (if you know me you know I love rose gold). My justification to myself for getting this bag was that it is very different to any other bag I own and will still go with quite a lot of outfits and is just super gorgeous. This bag was also in the sale for £99.

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