Wednesday, 6 September 2017

August Favourites 2017

So it's that time again, I swear the months are literally flying by now and it feels like I was only writing my July favourites a few days ago. The month of August hasn't been that exciting for me if I'm honest, I've done a few things and been a few places but mainly just relaxed and there isn't long now before I go back to univeristy. Anyway onto my favourites for this month.

Favourite Film
So at the beginning of this month I went to go see the new Spider-Man movie with my dad and oh my god, I LOVE IT! I'm always a bit hesitant on superhero films because although I enjoy them, it isn't my favourite genre however this film was just epic it was so funny but still with action. If you haven't seen it already I really recommend it.

Favourite Song
Honestly I've been loving this song as it's just really upbeat and obviously Demi's vocals are amazing as per but I do just like the beat of the song as well. The song lyrics are really empowering too!

Favourite Thing I've Done
I haven't really done much exciting things this month other than eating out a lot however I would have to say my favourite thing was going to Billy Bob's since I absolutely love it there.

Favourite TV Show
This past month I haven't really been watching much TV just a lot of YouTube and films. The only TV show I've actually been watching is a Korean Variety Show called 'Running Man' however its not something I've been obsessed with. Also I've been casually every now and then watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix.

Favourite Makeup Product
For me this month I've got to say I've really been loving my Kiko Radiant Touch stick highlighter in '100 gold' which is £9.90. I've had this product for ages but I've only recently started properly using it. I just love how it makes the skin glow however it is not a blinding highlight personally I enjoy how it makes my skin look healthy.

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