Saturday, 30 September 2017

Eating at... Fliirt [Bradford]

If you know me you know I love cookie dough, honestly I think it is one of the best creations ever and I could pretty much eat it 24/7 and would if it wasn't so unhealthy.
Me and a friend started doing trips to different dessert places over a year ago, I would always get cookie dough and she would always get waffles. Unfortunately we haven't been able to go recently since I had uni and she works full time however we got the chance to meet recently and decided to try Fliirt in Bradford. 
I believe there are multiple different Fliirts in Bradford that you can go to but I may be wrong.
You can view their menu here, I have to say they do offer a lot of different things.

Obviously I went for the cookie dough which was £4.95 (which I believe is a fair price for good cookie dough). What I really like about Fliirt is that they offer the option of creating your own cookie dough, you get a choice of white/milk/double chocolate cookie dough base, a sauce and a topping. Also you get a choice of their gelato ice cream and they seemed to have quite a lot of good flavours.
I chose a white chocolate base, caramel sauce and brownie pieces toppings along with their white chooclate gelato.

I have to say when I first saw this cookie dough I thought that although it looked nice on the place it didn't seem a big portion however when I actually started eating it I realised that it was more than what I expected. As for the ice cream it was fairly milky and melted fairly quickly, I did enjoy the white chocolate flavour and pieces in it.
Also quick note, when I put this picture on Snapchat so many of my friends messaged me asking where it was and that it looked amazing.
I would definitely go back to Fliirt and try their other desserts since they have a large menu or create another different cookie dough to try.

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