Saturday, 2 September 2017

Eating at.... Pasta Romagna [Leeds]

So recently me and my dad went to Pasta Romagna in Leeds since he was claiming that it was the best pizza he has had and that he prefers it to Pizza Hut. The exterior of Pasta Romagna isn't anything special and I'm not going to lie I wasn't expecting much. However I actually think the interior is really nice and there is a fair amount of seating.

To drink I decided to go for the Italian drink 'Galvanina' which I believe was £2.75. I really liked this drink as it was really refreshing and I actually much prefer this drink to San Pellegrino, the lemon flavour is not too sweet or sour.

For the pizza as you can tell I'm quite boring and decided to just go for the classic margherita and my dad went for the bolognese (I have never seen bolognese pizza before). My pizza was £7.90. Honestly I prefer my pizza with a thicker base, my pizza hut order is usually deep pan however for a thin pizza this was amazing! I have been lucky enough to visit Italy before and I can honestly say this is the closest to an authentic pizza that I have had in the UK. Also I tried a slice of my dads bolognese pizza and that was also just as good!

Overall I'm really interested in going back again as I really enjoyed it, although pizza is my favourite food so there was a very high chance I was going to like it anyway. There pasta dishes on the menu do look really nice too though.
Unfortunately I can't find a website for them so I will insert a picture I took of the food menu.

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