Saturday, 23 September 2017

Money Saving Techniques for Uni Students

So I know everybody has recently started heading off to uni and I really hope you all have the time of your life but I know that some people struggle with budgeting and having enough money.
Anyways, since I will be going into my second year soon I thought I'd share some things that I picked up and have heard from others which are easy ways to save money.

Nights Out
So I know that the majority of people will be living it up in freshers week and possibly even most of first year. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for that but spending all that money on club entries and drinks really does add up. 
  • Drink more at pre's as it means you buy less drinks out and it's cheaper to buy your own alcohol
  • Check for entry and drink offers at bars and clubs as it can save you that little bit of cash
  • If you're going to get a taxi try get as many people as you can and ask for a minibus as it usually works out cheaper for everyone
Weekly Shopping
  • Get supermarket loyalty cards, the points eventually add up
  • If you're ordering food online ask some friends to join in, that way you can split the delivery charge, which doesn't save much in one week but it adds up overtime
  • Check out food offers! (I think this one is pretty obvious)
  • For some food you don't need the branded expensive version, just get the cheaper one
  • Try plan food ahead of time, that way you're not wasting money on food that you're not going to eat or will go out of date
I mean if you have the money and want something, sure go get it. However you're most likely now paying for everything on your own and have to priorities some things over others.
  • Get shop loyalty cards, most stores have them now
  • Check out UniDays or NUS for discounts which change regularly
  • Get a part-time job if you have time, to earn that little bit of extra cash
  • Sign up for survey websites to earn vouchers or money, e.g. SurveyBods and Opinion Panel (However make sure they're trusted!!!)

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