Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Second Year Worries

So since when I go back to uni in some time early October as a second year student I thought I'd share a couple of the things that have been running through my mind a lot recently in the run-up to returning to uni.

Results actually being recorded
So as I'm pretty sure everyone knows first year results don't count, which is why a lot of people use that year to party and take it easy. Now I'm really happy with how my first year results turned out however I am also happy that they don't count and that I have a chance to try do even better.
But I have also heard second year is harder and I'm worried that now if I mess up even a little bit it is actually going to count towards my degree. I think mostly because I have really high standards for myself this is going to be one of the harder things for me and that if I get a grade I'm not satisfied with, I'm really going to beat myself up about it.

The Workload
So during freshers week all the second and third years basically told me to live it up in first year and I'm now cautious going into second year as they made it sound like first year is the only time that uni is enjoyable. My mindset is that second year is going to be significantly harder, that there is going to be a ridiculous amount of work and that I'm not going to have any time to enjoy myself.
Also I just recently got my timetable and basically I have no free time during the week I feel like.

Realising My Degree Is 4 Years
So towards the end of first year I decided to slightly change my degree scheme and in turn it is now a 4 year course. Now don't get me wrong I'm really excited about next year being in Spain however I'm only just now realising most of my friends are doing a 3 year degree so I'm not going to be able to graduate with them... Also I've realised in my 4th year I'm going to have to do the degree with (what I would count as) the year below.

Getting to Uni
I'm panicking because I still need to sort out my bus pass for university and I'm dreading the fact that I'm going to have to get up early just so I can get to the bus stop so that I can get to the university on time. Honestly I will be surprised if I manage to make it on time everyday haha!!

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