Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Why I'm Excited for Autumn/Fall

Hot Chocolate
Oh my, I love myself a good hot chocolate!! I still sometimes have hot chocolate during the summer however it only seems socially acceptable for colder weather and it does make me feel all warm and cozy.

I love halloween, it's not my favourite holiday but I still love it. As a child on my street there were loads of kids so everyone organised that on halloween people would open their garages or houses and decorate them and have halloween-themed games. Therefore I've got really fond memories of halloween as a child!
Even now as an adult I get all excited to look at all the potential costumes and try figure out what I'm going to be although in recent years it's mostly been DIY's.

As much as I can appreciate a bit of sun, sometimes I get too warm and I prefer it in small doses. However on the other hand I also don't like winter as it rains all the time and as much as I love snow, it eventually turns to ice which I absolutely despise. Therefore Autumn weather is a happy middle, it's not too hot or cold and although in the UK it's mostly rainy there are some dry days.

My favourite clothing is the type of things you can wear in autumn, hoodies, jumpers, sweaters, all comfy cozy clothes. As much as I love a crop top I just love feeling warm and cozy in what I am wearing and also the colours of clothing become a lot darker therefore I now have an actual reason to dress in all black. I love fall coloured clothing such as khaki, brown, burgundy, black.

Similar to my hot chocolate obsession, fall/autumn is the prime time for great food! My favourite 'fall food' is 100% smores, similar to my obsession with cookie dough I love smores!! If you couldn't tell already I have a really big sweet tooth. Other foods I tend to associate with fall include mac n cheese, cottage/shephards pie and Sunday roasts, because what British person doesn't love a good Sunday roast.

TV Shows
For some reason I'm sure there is a reason but still TV in autumn is great. It seems like all TV shows have their season premieres and return during this season and so I always enjoy TV during this time.

No More 'Beach Body' Stress
Oh my, don't get me wrong I'm still going to try keep on my health routine and eating as well as I can and working out frequently but there is so much less stress for having a nice body during this time. No more panicking about how good I look in a bikini.... well until Summer 2018.

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