Friday, 27 October 2017

2017 Fancy Advent Calendars Are Here!

Honestly I'm a huge fan of the countdown to Christmas, as a child I used to countdown myself from over 50 days away looking back that's a bit too early haha.
Anyways the best part of counting down to Christmas is opening an advent calendar everyday in December and in recent years it has become more popular to have advent calendars which don't just consist of chocolate. Therefore I'm going to compile a list of my favourite advent calendars thus far.

NYX Professional Makeup Lippie Countdown Advent Calendar Set - £50

This calendar is available at Boots and Feel Unique.
Everyday you can get a different NYX lippie, from the looks of things there are:
4 Matte Lipsticks, 3 Cream Lipsticks, 2 Chubby Lip Creams, 4 Liquid Lipsticks, 3 Matte Lip Creams, 3 Lipsticks and 5 Creamy Lip Lipglosses.
I'm genuinely a huge fan of NYX lip products so this calendar is super appealing to me.

Available at Selfridges this advent calendar seems adorable. Essentially with this advent calendar you'll eventually create a cute charm bracelet. Behind each door will be a little charm to add to the bracelet (which is also included) a pricetag of £32 isn't too bad either. I'm definitely interested in this as it is different to other ones I have seen. My only problem is that from what I can gather, the bracelet is Nutcracker themed which means it might not be fully appropriate to wear year-round.
Okay so this advent calendar is up there in price in my personal opinion, especially since I genuinely can find no other information on what items you may get. All I know is that this is apparently worth over £300 and that it will be beauty-related items. However past Look Fantastic advent calendars have had great reviews so it is definitely one to try out if you have the money.

Hotel Chocolat 'The Grand Advent Calendar' - £68

Don't worry if you're a traditional advent calendar person and want to have your daily dose of chocolate, Hotel Chocolat has you covered! Personally I do adore their chocolate so I'm sure this is an amazing calendar and although this one is expensive at £68 they offer more simplistic versions in milk, super milk, dark, caramel, 100% ecuador and white chocolate which are more affordable at £12.50. You definitely get a lot more variety in the more expensive one though.
You can check out their range of advent calendars here.

Yankee Candle Calendar - £24.99
So I feel like in the past 5 or so years, especially with the rise of YouTube it seems everybody has become so much more candle obsessed especially during colder months. Therefore this is a perfect calendar for anyone who is addicted to candles. It is available at Boots.
I believe you get 24 small tealight candles in 5 or 6 different scents and one very mini candle.
Personally I aren't super interested as I'd rather pick my own bigger candles and scents but I totally get the appeal.

Of course there are many many more calendars available but these are just my favourites and the ones I found most interesting.

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