Friday, 20 October 2017

Eating At.... The Alchemist [Leeds]

Just before returning to university me and my godmother aka my mum's childhood best friend met up in Leeds and decided to go for a catch-up lunch.

We decided to try The Alchemist in Leeds Trinity (you can view the menu here) which I have seen a bunch of my friends go to, usually for cocktails. However because it was really early on in the day, like 1 in the afternoon, I didn't think it was appropriate to be drinking quite yet so I gave that a miss.
So to drink I just had standard still water, although they did serve it in this fancy glass bottle which I totally forgot to get a picture of.

To eat, I saw on the menu they had fried chicken which I haven't had for a long time so I got that and it came with thin-cut fries and red cabbage coleslaw for £12. Honestly as you can hopefully tell by the picture the portion isn't exactly the biggest that I've ever had however it was lovely! The fact that I hadn't had fried chicken in such a long time also made me really excited to eat this. Obviously as you can tell the presentation in the chicken cage-type thing was cool too.

For dessert I chose the chocolate brownie which was £6.00 although I nearly went for the lemon polenta cake, I was in my typical chocolate mood. If I'm being truthful again I wasn't super impressed by the portion size of this, it was delicious don't get me wrong, however many other places offer desserts of a similar quality with either a cheaper price or bigger portion.

Would I go back to the Alchemist?
All in all I would go back because they definitely have other main dishes and desserts I am interested in and I really want to try one of their many cocktails. Just in my opinion there higher prices and smaller portions together slightly let it down, but maybe its just what I ordered.

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