Saturday, 7 October 2017

Eating at... Vincenzo's Coffee House [Lancaster]

So guys I'm back at uni in my second year now and when my parents brought me up we decided to go eat out at a cute little cafe, I know that technically this is a 'coffee house' but still.
When I used to go shopping in town in first year I always saw this place and really wanted to try it because the exterior of it is so lovely, however I hadn't ever looked at the menu so I didn't know if they would have anything for me. By the way I am a super fussy eater haha.
I had a house party that night so I knew I wanted something a little bit more than just a sandwich so I decided to go for a margarita pizza which I believe was only £5.25. 
As you can see this pizza was amazing, I prefer my pizzas deep pan over thin although I love pizza in general so this was perfect for me. The amount of cheese was also great as sometimes I find that there isn't enough and the crust wasn't too crispy and still nice and doughy but not undercooked.
Size-wise I think it was perfect and I'd probably compare it to a medium pizza from somewhere like Domino's and Pizza Hut. I really do think this is a true authentic Italian pizza, in the style I most enjoy, which is great.

Obviously me being me had to get a dessert duh so I was struggling between there cakes since they all looked lovely and I nearly went for the red velvet but I wasn't sure so I went for the chocolate traybake. 
Honestly the cake was lovely, not the best I've ever had but cake is cake. With a scoop of ice cream it came to £3.25 (the ice cream was £1.00).
Being honest the ice cream was ridiculous it wasn't anything special and small scoop was £1.00 and the cake being £2.25 in my opinion is a little bit overpriced I'd place it more at £1.90 because it was a big slice I suppose.

To drink I decided to try appletiser which was £2.15. I don't know how but I've actually never tried this drink before but it was lovely and refreshing and my juice flavour is apple anyway so you can't really go wrong with sparkling apple juice either. 

Will I be going back?
Well I probably will go back to try their food just because it was really nice and not expensive and just the atmosphere of where it is and its aesthetic I really love. However I'm not sure whether I might try their other cake options or just give it a miss and grab something else elsewhere.

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