Wednesday, 4 October 2017

✧Review✧ Kiko Radiant Touch Creamy Stick Highlighter [#100 Gold & #101 Rose]

Today I'm reviewing the Kiko stick highlighters in the 2 available colours #100 Gold and #101 Rose.

The highlighters are available for $14 or £9.90 on the Kiko website and in their stores.
As for the packaging it is quite simple but I do like that it is more minimalistic and luckily the packaging doesn't feel cheap.

Honestly I have become so obsessed with highlighter in the past 6 months and I really feel like it completes a look. As you can see #101 rose is definitely more of a pink colour and on the skin it still has a pink tinge however it's not too much. #100 gold is more of an everyday highlighter in my opinion and I love how this looks on my skin.

These highlighters definitely last throughout the day and are super easy to apply but I do recommend picking up the product with your finger and applying it rather than with a brush or straight on the skin. After you've applied them I recommend patting them into the skin as they can feel slightly tacky. If you apply a powder highlight over the top of these cream highlighters oh my god it creates such as blinding highlight!!

I really do love both of these highlighters and think they're totally worth the money however if I could only pick one I would rather have #100 Gold.

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