Wednesday, 11 October 2017

✧Review✧ PeriPera Rouge Pang [PK07 Courteous]

I've got another Korean beauty product review for you guys I got loads when I went through my phase of Korean makeup a while ago.
This is a lipstick by PeriPera and it is available for around £4.50, is the packaging not cute?!
I chose the colour PK07 aka Courteous as I actually don't own that many pink lipsticks and thought it would be a nice pale pink as you can see by the image.

This lipstick is actually quite nice as it doesn't dry out the lips and it applies so smoothly, honestly it's like butter. Unfortunately this lipstick transfers super easily as it doesn't really dry down so you have to be careful and it will definitely need reapplying at some point in your day.
On another note there is no smell to this lipstick which is good because I know some people have a problem with that honestly it usually doesn't bother me though.
As you can see by the swatches this lipstick is a nice girly pink colour however in my opinion it is a lot more bold and bright than what I was expecting judging by the ad pictures. Also you can tell in the flash swatch that there is a slight gloss to lipstick but you can't tell as much in normal lighting. However a downfall to this lipstick is that it does exaggerate dry patches on the lips so I'd recommend using a lip scrub beforehand.
There are other colours in the range which I am slightly interested in trying however I'm more likely to just try a different lipstick as this one isn't one of my favourites although it is definitely not the worst either.

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