Friday, 17 November 2017

Eating at.... The Plough [Lancaster/Galgate]

My Dad recently came up to visit me at university and whilst he was here I took advantage and went out for a meal. I had seen loads of good reviews on 'The Plough' so thought it was worth a try and obviously I had to review it.
Something to note is that if you have a purple card (aka Lancaster Student version of NUS) you can get 15% off food and drink Mon-Sat which is great in my opinion.

For a main course I had the beer battered fish and chips which came with mushy peas and was £12.75. I have a huge appetite as you have probably already gathered but as you can see from the picture, this portion was huge!!!!! I nearly did finish it but there was so much there which is great as I really hate stingy portions.

As for dessert because obviously thats the best part about eating out I had their 'Raspberry and Chocolate Fudge Brownie Sundae' which was £4.95. In this sundae their was chocolate ice-cream, raspberries, a few small pieces of meringue and huge chunks of brownie (didn't get any fudge but oh well). However this sundae was amazing, obviously not Billy-Bob's level but for a pub it was a good dessert!

By the way, as a drink I had a Britvic 55 (like Fanta) but that isn't exciting so I thought I'd skip it. 
I would 100% recommend trying 'The Plough' and I really want to go back to try their hunters chicken which I nearly got this time but I felt more in the mood for fish and chips at the time.
You can have a look at the menu for yourself here.

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