Monday, 27 November 2017

'Weekly Wednesday Tradition'

So this post is a little bit different as it's more about a little tradition me and my friend at uni have started doing on Wednesdays.

Both of us get a little bit lonely when at uni, she's in a long-distance relationship and I'm friends with lots of people who are in relationships (so unfortunately they're quite busy) so we both thought we'd hang out more.
Eventually this lead to the creation of 'Weekly Wednesday Tradition'.

Basically the point is that one week I cook me and my friend, Sophie, a meal and the next she cooks me one. 
By doing this we both get the chance to try more food which we might not be able to make/eat normally and it saves us having to make food for that night. It means that our cooking skills are able to improve. However we also get to just spend time together and it's time that we can take out of our hectic uni schedules to just chill and not worry about everything or at least try.

So far it's been really fun, I've made carbonara and burger and chips (this girl said she had never had a beef burger before so obviously I had to then make her one!!!).
Sophie has made gnocchi, pesto pasta (with my reccommendation of sundried tomatoes) and banana pancakes.
We missed one Wednesday and it genuinely felt really odd not seeing her or having food with her which I think is cute haha

Next is my turn, I think I'm going to do the British classic of bangers and mash with some veg and maybe yorkshire puddings if I have room to store everything. 

I really hope you guys enjoyed this blog post and hopefully it might inspire you to do something similar as it's really nice to just take time out and enjoy each others company without worrying too much about work.


  1. this is SUCH a lovely idea! i would love to start doing this with some of my friends as well, theres nothing i love more than good food with a good friend (preferably a lot of wine is involved as well!). im actually going to suggest this to my best friend, such a great idea.

    cant go wrong with bangers and mash...can you cook some for me too?!

    katie. xx ♥

    1. I know right haha it all just stemmed from her never having a beef burger before as well.
      I definitely recommend doing this its just such a nice thing to do to relax and you can always share recipes too!
      And of course! Bangers and mash is a classic, just let me know when and where haha!!