Sunday, 10 December 2017

Cheer Christmas Meal 2017

Friday night was my cheerleading Christmas meal. This year I convinced myself to join a society and I chose cheerleading and I am part of the Peal stunt squad. My uni have 3 stunt squads (pearl, ruby and onyx) and 1 dance squad (diamond). Go Pearlies!! <3
The meal was at 'The Crafty Scholar' which is in Lancaster town centre, I have never eaten there so I was intrigued to see what it would be like. The whole 3-course meal and 2 glasses of alcohol cost £15 which is quite a good deal in my opinion.

To start I chose the tomato, pesto and three bean soup which was actually lovely. Although at that point it was 8 in the evening and I was starving so I'm sure anything would have been amazing.

For my main course I decided to go for the traditional roast turkey. Personally I prefer chicken however turkey feels more festive and at home we don't have turkey on Christmas day as everybody prefers beef or chicken. This came with some roast potatoes, pigs in blanket, stuffing, parsnips and brussel sprouts and of course gravy.

Of course for my main part, dessert, I went for the chocolate fudge brownie with cream, although there was a cheesecake option which I nearly went for. This brownie portion was huge as I'm sure Abi will back me up! 😉 It was super rich and definitely very fudgey, after all of the other food I was definitely beginning to struggle.

Overall I had an amazing night, it was so much fun and the food was great, and I enjoyed hanging out and socialising with everyone outside of cheer practice, also it felt nice not having to cook anything for myself for once. I definitely feel a lot more festive now and can't wait for first term to finally finish this week and go home and properly get into the Christmas spirit. 

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