Sunday, 28 January 2018

Eating at... Pizza Margherita [Lancaster]

So since I have just returned to university for term 2 me and my mum headed out for a final meal before she returned home. We decided to try a local Italian nearby which looked lovely and seemed to be getting great reviews.
From the outside it looks okay, not overly exciting although I love the little plants, although in the evening their lighting does look quite pretty.

We began our meal with one of their starters which was the 'Cobbles' priced at £5.75 and you got 6 little dough balls filled with cheese and tomato which were lovely, almost like mini pizzas. I totally forgot to get a picture of it but I can just tell you that it was lovely and was layed out very nicely. 
To drink I decided to go for an appletiser.

For my main I went with a margherita 10" pizza, I know it's quite boring but it's just a classic!
The pictures I had previously seen of this pizzas were amazing so I really wanted to try it out and oh boy it didn't disappoint. The dough wasn't too thin but also not too thick and they had enough cheese to wear it had melted perfectly and stretched out which is just how I like my pizzas.
Price-wise I thought it was fair at £8.50 although I believe they do offer a smaller version for £6.00.

Obviously me being me had to have a dessert and I had my heart set on the chocolate fudge cake however at last minute I decided to be different well at least for me. And I went for the salted caramel profiteroles. These definitely didn't disappoint they were a chocolate coated profiteroles with salted caramel sauce and cream inside served alongside some vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce. I'm glad I went for this as lots of places do cake but I rarely see anything similar to this elsewhere.
The salted caramel profiteroles were £5.50 and definitely worth it in my opinion.

I would 100% visit Pizza Margherita again, it had a lovely atmosphere and you were able to see the chef fully whilst he was cooking as well as super amazing service which just adds to the experience. I found that I also enjoyed the music, although if you're looking for somewhere quiet this might not be the place as it is quite small and only on one floor (although I believe they have a function room upstairs) and can be quite busy and not super noisy but definitely not quiet.
Also Italian is my favourite food so it definitely didn't disappoint and as I've previously mentioned it definitely wasn't overpriced either.

You can view their menu here.
Hopefully you enjoyed this review, definitely stick around for more blog posts to come!

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