Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Kicking Off 2018

So I know I'm quite to do a proper New Years post but I did want to acknowledge that we are now into 2018 and give my thoughts and feelings about the upcoming year!
Honestly I could not be any happier that 2017 is finally over and done with.
I'm not gonna lie 2017 was really not my year and although nothing horrific happened to me, it definitely had its bad moments.

Therefore I am pretty optimistic for 2018 and so far we are 9 days in and it isn't terrible... yet. Just kidding! 
Usually I don't really set myself New Year resolutions because if I want to change something I feel like I should just do it straight away although I know for some people it feels like a 'fresh start' which is great if that works for them.
However something I'd really like to change about myself is my outlook and perspective on things. A lot of people think of me as a pessimistic, but I prefer to see myself as a realist although this year I think I'd like to try start being more optimistic about certain things and hopefully this will make me happier too.

2018 should be an exciting year for me as in July I will have officially (hopefully) finished my second year of uni which will mean I am halfway through my degree. Woop woop!
Then also in July I turn 20, which is super scary as I can no longer use the excuse of being a teen and I feel like I'm properly viewed as an adult (although I definitely don't feel like one).
In late September I will be going on my year abroad which I am super nervous for but I'm hoping that I will settle in quickly and love my time immersed in another culture.

2018 should be a great year for me and I'm hoping it goes and finishes as it has began which so far has been pretty great!

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