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Spanish 101: The Weather

Oh my how much I hate this topic. Honestly for me at least talking about the weather is Spanish is so over complicated and there are certain things that you just have to memories rather than following typical Spanish rules.

There are multiple ways which you can ask what the weather is like:
  • ¿Qué tiempo hace?
  • ¿Cómo está el clima?   (you can add 'en..' after if you want to ask about a specific place)
  • ¿Qué tal está el clima? (this is informal)
For me the next part is when it gets complicated because you don't use the typical verb we would use in English.
  • Hace buen/mal tiempo - The weather is nice/bad
  • Hace frío - It is cold
  • Hace calor - It is hot
  • Hace viento - It is windy
As you can see from these phrases we use the verb 'hacer' (to do/make) to talk about what the weather is like. It is best to just memorise these particular phrases.
However there are phrases about the weather which use 'hay' which means 'there is/there are' but in this case is most accurately translated to 'it is'.
  • Hay nubes - It is cloudy
  • Hay luna - The moon is out
  • Hay niebla - It is foggy
  • Hay sol - The sun is shining
There are more phrases similar to these but as you can see there isn't much of a pattern to follow with weather phrases which is why I despise the topic.
Some phrases use the verb 'estar' (to be). 
  • Está nublado - It is cloudy
  • Está oscuro - It is dark
On top of this there are some weather expressions which consist of a single word from a verb.
  • Llueve - It is raining
    'Llover' (to rain)
  • Nieva - It is snowing
    'Nevar' (to snow)
  • Llovizna - It is drizzling
    'Lloviznar' (to drizzle)
When talking about yourself the verb 'tener' (to have) is used.
  • Tengo calor/frío - I am hot/cold
There are also expressions like '¡Qué calor!' or '¡Qué frío!' meaning 'How hot!' or 'How cold!'

I hope this lesson is helpful for some of you guys. As you can the weather topic is very idiomatic so unfortunately the easiest way to learn about talking about the weather is just trying to remember how to say certain phrases.

Vocab List:
La Primavera    -    Spring
El Verano    -    Summer 
El Otoño       -    Autumn
El Invierno    -    Winter
La Estación    -    Season

El Pronóstico    -    Forecast
El Granizo    -    Hail
El Paraguas    -    Umbrella
El Viento    -   Wind
El Hombre de Nieve    -    Snowman
El Charco    -    Puddle
Los Truenos    -    Thunder
Los Relámpagos    -    Lightning
La Tormenta    -    Storm
La Nube    -    Cloud
La Niebla    -    Fog

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