Saturday, 9 June 2018

Life Update: Second Year Finished

So second year is over which means I am over halfway through my degree.
As I am doing a 4-year course due to my year abroad working in Spain and I thought I'd update you guys with all my thoughts and reflections on second year.
Especially seeing as I did a post before about what I was expecting.


So I previously wrote about being worried about the increase in workload, especially in comparison to first year.
Oh boy was I right to worry!
I'm not sure if it's just because I am a joint honours student and with a language (which I only began learning since I arrived aka 'post-beginner') but my workload this year has honestly been ridiculous.
Honestly I don't think they sometimes realise how much work I am expected to do and it has been really overwhelming, however on a more positive note I feel like the fact that I've managed to get through this has made me so much more organised and focused.

4 Year Degree

Yeah, so this one still hasn't really properly hit me yet but my degree is 4 years due to it involving a language and a year abroad in that country for me Spain, let me know if you would be interested in Year Abroad blog posts!!!
I think I'm more concerned now that all my closest friends do 3 year degrees so they will all graduate next year and I will have to come back for my final year without the people I rely on for support and with an entirely different English class (as it will be those in the year below me).
We'll just have to see how that one goes really and hope that I make new friends.

Results actually mattering

Don't really want to get too deep into this one as I could go on a rant with the massive shift in expectations of work compared to first year, but this is definitely still my major worry.
Currently I'm just waiting on my full results, including end of year exams, to be released on the 12th July and then I'll decide how I feel about this.

Getting to Uni

This wasn't really that much of a big deal in the end really. I quite liked having a real separation between home and university as when I got on the bus it really felt as if I was leaving the 'workplace'
It was annoying for early mornings as I had to get up super early and on an evening sometimes the bus stops were jam-packed but there were way more benefits to living in town (easier and cheaper supermarket shopping trips).

Overall Thoughts

Erm, this year has definitely been a lot tougher than first year. I've had no time to go out and really enjoy myself and I had to make so much effort to do things over than uni work, so I'm not going to lie to you all and say I really enjoyed second year.
Looking back, I'm not sure if it was the best decision adding Spanish to my degree but I think I'll be able to tell you that for sure after my year abroad and during 4th year so right now I'm 50/50.
I feel like I've lost a lot of friends this year as everybody had such different timetables and it seemed like people weren't able to go out or meet up as often and with everyone living in town now rather than on campus it just had a different dynamic so I've definitely ended up drifting from a lot of people which is quite sad. On a positive note, it's made me realise who my true friends are and who puts in effort to stay in contact.
Second year has taught me that I'm not always going to get the results I want but that I just need to keep pushing through and hopefully (some people have said) that 4th year is slightly easier and more of mix between 1st and 2nd year so hopefully that won't be quite as stressful.

Hopefully you enjoyed this little review of my second year at university.
I'm really happy I wrote my blog posts about it as I think its super interesting to look back on and reflect on what actually happened in the end.

Hasta luego <3

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