Saturday, 16 June 2018

Year Abroad Preparation - How I'm Feeling Right Now

Just as I thought things were going to hugely improve as exams are finally over and the stress of second year is no longer affecting me. I get hit with Year Abroad preparations which have definitely shook me to the core and making me wish I no longer wish I did a language degree.
So basically we've only had 1 full week of information provided thus far (so you can see that somehow this has already managed to cause me mass amounts of anxiety) and I already want to die.
Speaking of which throughout the majority of talks today they constantly brought up the potential for serious emergencies, which I understand is important and we need to know but they honestly mentioned it slightly too much to be comfortable.

Keep reading for a more detailed list of the things that are going to be my biggest stresses and why,  hopefully it may be helpful for you or at least entertaining haha.

Here are a list of things which I have stressed about due to this 1 DAY of Year Abroad Prep talks:

NIE/Social Security/Opening a Bank Account

So basically these are all linked and according to previous students it is so difficult to sort these out but once they are done it is uphill. Some students even just didn't do it as they didn't need a bank account (which I believe isn't 100% legal?), unfortunately I have to do all of it as I need to be paid.

Both a NIE and Social Security No. are need to open a Spanish bank account okay cool that's fine. But this can take weeks to get hold of and you have to make an appointment and appointments can be hard to organise too. Are you starting to see my dilemna?
I've also heard that the NIE and Social Security No. kind of also require eachother which makes no sense. So basically this entire part is going to be horrific but once its all sorted I can start enjoying my time haha.
My YA (year abroad) prep week also didn't mention this until last minute which wasn't the best for my super stressed self, so yeah.


Again, this is important but I don't understand how I'm expected to go over with 0 accommodation without being super anxious (we'll get accommodation later) and still somehow make my way to this induction whilst stressing about everything else. And then afterwards eventually go to my actual work town and somehow find some accommodation last minute... atm this seems pretty impossible to me but I mean I'm just praying it will work out and I reckon knowing my induction date will help me be able to prepare more. As I literally only know my region in Spain right now and that's it which is what frustrates me the most about everything as I like to plan everything.

Erasmus - Signed - EHIC 

So I can't apply for an EHIC (free basic medical insurance) until I have all my Erasmus forms signed. The problem is that there is like 5 forms that I need to sort out, most of them requiring signatures from my placement, which I don't find out until like August bare in mind I'm going in September.
Not only that but I have to get all this forms signed by my university year abroad advisor too, which doesn't seem too hard except for that they take days to put me on the system before I can print anything out, the forms are super hard/detailed to fill out and I don't understand and I'm leaving university on Friday so I'm not sure how I'm going to get my advisor to sign them.


Like I previously mentioned this is a big deal as obviously it's where I'm going to be live during my time in Spain, but it is quite comforting knowing that this appears to be everyone's biggest stress too. We've been advised to wait to find accommodation whilst we're over there, which makes sense as we'd view them in person but I like knowing things way in advance and I'm not exactly sure how I'm meant to properly go about looking for appropriate accommodation over there. There's also the problem that I'm going to have to sign the lease in Spanish, which is a big deal in your native tongue and especially problematic for me as I'm really not confident in my everyday Spanish nevermind using it in a serious situation.

Overall, I'm not going to lie I'm really wondering if I made the right decision for changing my degree to involve this year abroad! It just seems super expensive, stressful and potentially dangerous and as of right now my Spanish isn't that great anyway and so I'm slightly wishing I had just stayed with English Language.
But who knows, maybe at the end I'll look back on this post and laugh about all my worries that I had, I really do hope that is the case.

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