Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Travel Bucket List

A big goal of mine is to travel to as many places as I can and see as much of this amazing world as possible. Since this is such a dream of mine (and unlikely to happen) I thought I'd create a little bucket list to show you guys which places are my favourite with a little explanation. I would love to be able to visit any of these places (and there are loads which I also didn't put on here because this post would then be ridiculously long) and hopefully in the future I will be able to cross some off of my list.

Walt Disney World, Florida, USA

I mean this is a pretty obvious one for me and is pretty much my number 1 place to go but Disneyland is pretty much goals for me. I am lucky enough to have been to Disney twice before however I was 6 and 8 therefore I really don't remember much at all which is really frustrating. Therefore this is pretty much my ultimate holiday destination and hopefully one day I'll get to return and properly experience and remember everything!!!!

New York, USA

I mean who doesn't want to go to New York, there is constantly something to do and so many places/landmarks to visit. Also there are so many places to eat in New York which I need to try, I need to get NY pizza!! In a sense I would also love to hustle and bustle of the city just maybe not the traffic.

Tokyo, Japan

The whole atmosphere of Japan is just super endearing to me as it is so different to the UK and I find it fascinating. Imagine visiting the temples and walking the main streets of Tokyo with all the super cute things they have and visiting places like the Pokemon Centre store and especially 'Disneyland Tokyo' (are you sensing my Disney obsession yet??). 
Cherry blossom trees are also pretty much my entire aesthetic.

Sydney, Australia

I really want to go to Australia, partly because of how far away it is and obviously because it looks absolutely stunning and they have so many cool places I want to visit and I mean come on who doesn't love the accent! Actually I don't know that many people who have been either so I feel like it's cool to be able to just say that you've been as well.

Rome/Florence, Italy

I have actually already been lucky enough to visit Italy on 2 separate occassions in which I stayed in Milan and visited so many other places such as Venice. But I would love to go back just to visit however I really want to go back especially to Rome and/or Florence as they just look so beautiful and have so much history and honestly I just love the country as a whole and their food is definitely my favourite type out there.

Seoul, South Korea

I mean as a bit of a K-Pop fan this is only to be expected and also I want the secret to eternal youth, as Korean skincare is some sort of miracle. Also again similar to Japan I find the culture to be so different but I'm so interested in it and honestly I have a slight problem with binge-watching Korean variety shows so I feel like I do really need to go at one point, although again this is one of the ones with less chance of happening.

Bora Bora

I feel like this one is really self-explanatory. Does this not just look amazing?! Honestly feel like this would be the best destination to just de-stress and relax and get away from everything. I wish I could go somewhere like this it's so gorgeous!


These 2 places were on my original bucket list draft post of this when I originally started writing my bucket list a while back, if that gives you any indication on how far behind I've gotten with my blog and posting haha. Anyways since the draft I've actually visited both of these places, however I thought I'd still somewhat keep them in as they were on my bucket list beforehand.

Paris, France

I've just actually come back from my holidays in Paris, France (mainly Disney though) but I did go into central Paris for a day and may have had 2 separate lots of crepes because I needed to take advantage whilst I was there and I'm sure you already but know but I'm a massive foodie, especially when it comes to sweet things. Honestly though Paris was gorgeous, the train system they have there seems super easy to use so I highly reccommend travelling around and it's not overly expensive either. I did see the Eiffel Tower but unfortunately they were doing loads of work on it so there was no point going up but it was just a lovely day walking round, window shopping (because who can actually afford Paris prices, literally 2 Louis Vuitton shops within 2 minutes of each other, if only I was super rich haha). I'd still love to go back in the future though as it was so lovely and there are still a few things I'd love to see such as the Louvre and see the Mona Lisa and potentially go up the Eiffel Tower. I highly recommend!

Disneyland Paris, France

So this one is still slightly bittersweet for me, I've actually just got back recently and I miss it so much I had such a great time!!! Obviously from what I've heard it's still not as comparable as the Disney in America but its a lot more local and somewhat cheaper and I still had a great time (although the one in America is still my end goal in life haha) but honestly I had such an amazing time on this holiday and I thought it was epic! It's so close together that you can just walk wherever you want and some of the rides I really wanted to go on were closed, which is a massive pity, however it is to be expected and the same as in America but it just feels less as they have more parks and probably slightly more rides.
I'd still recommend this holiday to any Disney fan, especially if you're unable to go to the one in America for whatever reason. <3

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