Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Eating at.... Afternoon Tea: Creams British Luxury [Leeds]

On one of my most recent visits back to Leeds me and my mum decided to be the classy ladies we are and go out for afternoon tea. During my last trip to Leeds I had come across this place which is called 'Creams British Luxury' and it looked really lovely so we decided to go there.
They have a few different options for afternoon tea which are all interesting and I don't think I've seen this many different types before at one place. You can view the menu here.
Also their are other locations that they have throughout the UK which you can check out on their website, they also sell some of their treats online too.

Once I saw they had an option called 'CREAMS Fairytale Afternoon Fancies' I knew I had to try it.
You can get either hot chocolate, tea or coffee as well as a slice of cake and a cupcake. Along with some warm waffles and maple syrup as well as 4 macarons and 6 'creams' chocolates. 
For all this it was £14.95. An afternoon tea basically just consisting of chocolate and sweets... this was made for me.

I personally chose the hot chocolate to drink as I'm not a coffee fan and thought I might as well stick with the sweet afternoon tea. It was a really nice hot chocolate although I'm slightly disappointed there wasn't any marshmallows although with the rest of the things it might have been too much.

I chose the slice of cake which was a 'Chocolate Junkyard' and was a chocolate cake topped with crunchy M&M's, magic stars, some mars bar and oreo. Hand on heart this cake was sooooo good. As for the cupcake I decided to go for the lemon cupcake since I chose such a chocolatey cake slice. The cupcake was also delicious and was not too heavy and there was a lemon filling in the centre.

As for the chocolates, they have a range of flavours, however I was given 3 lemon and 3 raspberry. The chocolates were delicious however I am not a big fan of dark chocolate so I would have preferred if they were milk or white chocolate. 4 maracrons were also included and the flavours I got were pistachio (I'm not a big fan of this flavour so I gave that to my dad), raspberry, strawberry and I think the last one was vanilla but I'm honestly not sure. Honestly I'm not a huge macarons person but these were pretty good actually really nice!

In the end the afternoon tea itself was perfect for me and my huge sweet tooth however the service slightly let it down (there were multiple girls working but only one of them seemed to be serving whilst the others chatted behind the counter). The food was delicious and they have a pretty good menu which would likely appeal to everybody on some level.
Separately the cost of each item would have been just over £20 but the afternoon tea was £14.95 therefore it was definitely more worth getting the afternoon tea and taking anything left over home in a bag with you.

In the future I would like to go back and try their other afternoon tea options although this is likely to be the one that most satisfies my giant sweet tooth.

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