Sunday, 7 October 2018

YA Week 2: Socialising and Organising

Alright, so I've finished week 2 the official first week on my own in Sevilla. Aaaaand I'm still using maps on my phone quite a lot to get around I just don't trust my own sense of direction but hopefully eventually I'll start becoming used to my common routes, there are some I already know just not all of them there are 2 many windy streets here.

The day after my mum left I decided to buckle up and finally attempt to sort a few things out and met up with a new friend I've made here and sorted my NIE out (she already had sorted hers so she was huge help in helping me get mine too).

To get my NIE I woke up hella early, walked 45 minutes to Plaza de España (really random place to have to do this as it's a big tourist attraction?!), handed all of my documents over, got given a form to fill out, waited my turn (which took forever) and went into another room and got more forms, went to a bank 20 minutes away and paid 12 and got the forms stamped, went back to Plaza de España and into the second room and waited again, handed my stamped forms over and got my NIE. WOOP WOOP! And I managed to get this all done in just under 3 hours so I was done by 1 (which is good because they actually close at 2).
All in all it sounds like a long process (which it kind of is) however I was told it was the worst thing to sort out and that it can take weeks blah blah blah... but honestly it wasn't that bad, like it wasn't fun but it really isn't that stressful (although knowing my luck it may be wrong or I just got really lucky!).

The NIE is used to open a Spanish bank account, so I can be paid my wages, on Friday I decided to go to my closest Santander on my own like the adult I'm supposed to be. Lets just say I walked in and straight back out again. However I decided to try again at another Santander; so I went in, stood in line, asked the lady behind me if I was in the right queue because self-doubt is a great quality of mine, she said yes but we both then realised I should probably go to this seperate desk at the side. The lady at this separate desk luckily spoke some English, so we kept switching between both languages when talking, she was actually super helpful and even printed the T&C's in English for me (what a star!) and then of course because just my luck the system crashed so she wasn't able to open the account, I had to give her my details so she could contact me later to try again... but she didn't because Spain. However I managed to go back on Monday and get it all sorted woopee!

I needed to sort out my monthly train ticket, as I travel to work via train (unless one of the teachers can take me which is super kind of them but our schedules don't always match) and it's only 15 minutes thank goodness. I went to Santa Justa and had some trouble finding the correct queue again  but eventually just went up to try sort it out.
Everything seemed to be going well, I asked for a monthly (mensual) ticket and wanted to verify that I could have 'unlimited' trips.... and this is where it all went downhill. Basically, the lady responded no and said something else but I didn't understand. In the end I realised there are 2 separate tickets; mensual and ilimitado (unlimited) and I just got the ilimitado this time to be safe. However I think the mensual ticket just means 1 trip ida y vuelta (there and back) per day.

I've just finished my first week of working at the school and so far it's been interesting, all the teachers have been very friendly and welcoming. My school is an I.E.S (secondary school) so the kids are ages 11-16, my classes really vary on whether the students are interested in trying to talk to me or not but most of them have been really excited. This week has been pretty much the same thing in every class; introducing myself and letting the students ask me questions and then the students try introduce themselves to me in English too.
The most common questions I have been asked this week are; if I have a boyfriend or not, and do I play fortnite?

On Thursday I got the day off of work and had to travel down south of Sevilla in Heliópolis for a meeting with all the other language auxiliaries in my area. The meeting was pretty intense if I'm being honest, from 9 until 3 having Spanish being spoken at you clearly expecting us to be fluent. They also kept mentioning how important some of the information was and I slightly questioned why they were only telling us in Spanish then as clearly we're not all fluent.
For me the best part ended up being the social aspect at the end where there was some drinks and food and I got to chat to other auxiliaries and make some friends which was fun.

I feel like I'm slowly beginning to settle here now. Although my Spanish has yet to actually improve. But I'm excited to see what the rest of this year holds!

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