About Me

Hey guys, so it appears you want to know a bit more about little old me so here you go!

Well my name is Marisa, I'm 20 years old and I live in Yorkshire. I currently study English Language and Spanish Studies at Lancaster University and I am in my 3rd year god I feel so old.
An important thing to know about me is that I have the biggest sweet tooth and would rather have dessert for breakfast, lunch and dinner (although I am very partial to some American and Italian food too) and I have a giant appetite to match the cravings.

I love makeup, travelling, shopping and going to the cinema and other random things such as ice skating although I definitely can improve in things that require actual skill.
Personally I think I pretty much have 0 style so that is something I pray will improve in the future so any tips will be happily taken.

My posts on this blog can be a bit random from totally beauty to spanish 'lessons' to food reviews to lifestyle posts so I hope you can find something you enjoy on here and hopefully you'll stay with me whilst I try figure out my life!

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